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The La Salle Academy – Australian Catholic University

The La Salle Academy – Australian Catholic University
January 14, 2020 Mark
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The La Salle Academy – Australian Catholic University


The La Salle Academy is that part of the Australian Catholic University which is devoted to the support and development of the identity and mission of the Catholic Schools of Australia. We at ‘The Shoreline Consultancy’ were invited to create a conversational resource rooted in the formal documents of the Roman Catholic Church about the nature of the Catholic school. The finished work, entitled ‘Voices and Visions’ was launched in 2019 and is now being used widely around Australia.

Designed to encourage reflection and conversation about its major themes

Tasks and Response

The task given to ‘Shoreline’ was to design, produce and offer a mode of delivery for a resource comprising a number of themes to emerge from key Church documents concerned with the nature of the Catholic School.

Our response comprised a number of stages:

Stage one: Research and Thematic Interpretation

Which involved:

      • Reviewing previous material on the subject used by La Salle Academy to as to build on previous perspectives, assumptions and expectations.
      • Exploring and reviewing appropriate Church documents and commentaries.
      • Drawing out a series of seven or more evocative themes.
      • Creating an introductory narrative for each of the themes.
      • Checking out the suitability of these themes with key stakeholders and choosing a selection to be completed.

Stage two: Resource and Design

Which involved:

      • Finding and gathering a 45-50 evocative short readings in a variety of literary styles to populate the agreed themes.
      • Checking the suitability of this collection of readings with key stakeholders.
      • Finding and selecting appropriate images to accompany the readings – chosen both add to the reflective process and to ensure the production of attractive booklets of the highest quality.
      • Designing seven conversational booklets and sleeve, each of which was A5 in size and 12 sides in length.
      • Providing printer PDFs of the completed booklets and sleeve.

Stage three: Designing a Suitable Process of Engagement

Which involved:

      • Providing for stakeholders an outline of a suitable formative conversational process of engagement for the delivery of this resource within Catholic Schools.
      • Writing suitable Facilitator’s Notes for those who would use the resource.
      • Providing three video presentations for use in describing the resource and the conversational process to users.

‘Voices and Visions’

The completed resource is arranged into four broad topical sections each of which contains three distinct themed conversations as follows:

Life and Culture – our way of being together…

      • Equal in Dignity
      • Graceful Inclusion
      • The Essential Dynamic

Education and Formation – our approach to teaching and learning…

      • Rejoicing in Truth
      • Sifting for Wisdom
      • More than Meets the eye

People and Vocation – our expectations around participation…

      • Partners in Mission
      • Call and Response
      • Patterns of Leadership

Communion and Mission – the heart of our unfolding purpose…

      • Come Walk with Me
      • Aware and Involved
      • Drawn to the Margins

It may be viewed in the website in the section ‘Resourcing & Design