Resourcing & design

“In the presence of beauty, we are refreshed and inspired. So, if we wish to refresh and inspire others, through the written word and through images, we must endeavour to present them in the most beautiful ways we can. This has been the practice for millennia. Why stop now?”

– Mark Howard


In our increasingly secular western world, it can no longer be assumed that people have a background of basic knowledge or understanding to appreciate the wisdom offered by religious groups. Interpreting their particular history and expressing its key foundational dimensions in accessible language is becoming more and more important to faith-based groups, organisations and communities. We have the capacity to undertake such research quickly, bring to light some of its essential characteristics and present them in an engaging and attractive fashion.


To retain and build upon the spiritual legacy deeply embedded in faith-based organisations requires deliberate on-going intervention. Natural turnover of staff means that there will be many individuals entering the workforce who do not have personal experience of the tradition and its representatives. New leaders, in particular, will need to be welcomed into the spirit of the organisation, as well as other aspects of its common life. What remains engaging are stories and symbols and the provision of a suitable process to help people discover for themselves some resonance with the underlying narrative.


With increasing pressure on the time and energy of congregations, church groups often struggle to provide their members with suitable formation. Designing bespoke attractive, easy to use, blended learning opportunities is within the scope of our on-going intention – something which has been prompted by the successful pilot of ‘Pathways of Formation’, a piece of work commissioned by Northampton RC Diocese.