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“It is not the plan that will change people and give direction… It is the conversation of the people with one another and with God – that is part of the planning process – that brings about change.”

– Gil Rendle and Alice Mann


Strategic planning and development in Churches and Christian Communities

With declining numbers of available clergy, fewer committed adherents and aging populations, many Church leaders seek new ways of managing change. New approaches have to be found which not only maintain present provision but also provide a sound basis for future growth and development. With due regard to the uniqueness of every situation and a sensitivity to differing ecclesial cultures, we assist decision-makers in discovering and implementing their own solutions.


The future of religious orders and their associate

In view of the evident and continuing decline in religious vocations, particularly in the Western world, many Religious Orders face an uncertain future. Bearers of a unique spiritual charism, they are now presented with issues of continuance, both of their own communities and their original founding vision. Many such groups would like to see their particular gift to humanity carried into the future by the lay people who have become associated with them – but are unsure of the processes of authentic transmission. From long experience of working in this sector, Mark Davis has developed a particular interest and expertise in helping those in leadership respond to these concerns.


Leadership and spiritual formation in faith-based organisations

One of the most difficult issues facing faith-based organisations today, particularly within education and healthcare, is that of maintaining the spiritual dimension to their work in the light of increased external pressure, greater diversity in the workforce and, in many cases, the loss of explicit support from founding religious groups. Those in leadership today often recognize that they are stewards of a living tradition, but are uncertain how to fulfil this responsibility in ways that are authentic and inclusive. We have expertise and experience in this difficult area, demonstrating a capacity to design, create and facilitate suitable responses in the light of great diversity within the work place.


Monitoring and evaluating developmental work

Regular evaluation of developmental work is essential to its success and it is often helpful to enlist the help of someone external to the setting, yet familiar with the territory, to monitor progress. The way that this is done, of course, has great bearing on the way it is received and its effectiveness in promoting further positive change.

The Shoreline Consultancy

The Shoreline Consultancy, 23 Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 8BJ, UK 
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