Inside outside

Inside Outside

20 cards for contemplation

This pack is intended for the use of both individuals and groups. It is designed to provide vibrant stimulus material for personal reflection, meditation and meaningful conversation. Each of the 20 cards has an image on one side and a smaller image with a short reflection, on the other. The inside cover contains a helpful narrative by Mark Davis. Although there are a variety of ways in which these images and words may be profitably explored, each activity should enshrine a two-fold movement, both inward and outward. For what makes these evocative photographs more than just pleasing to the eye, is the effect they can have on us if we sit with them and engage them. What they provide is a series of doorways into the invisible world of meaning we all inhabit. Strangely perhaps, their value is less in what we can get out of them than what they can get out of us.

  • Rockpool Publishing
  • 2010
  • Inside Outside
  • Inside Outside