Managing Transition

“Real change begins with the simple action of people talking about what they really care about.”

– Margaret Wheatley


Every so often in the life of every faith community there is need for, what could be called, a ‘sacred pause’ before decision-making and action. Within such moments, suitable opportunities for reflection, conversation and discernment are often required. In response to this kind of need, we have designed a number of different solutions with different constituencies in mind. These include The Micah Conversation’ – a seven-week process of reflection, conversation; prayer and discernment. Originally used in local churches it has since been used in a variety of Church contexts both in the UK and abroad.


It is not uncommon today for local Church communities to find themselves on the threshold of a new ways of living and working together – perhaps losing a resident pastor or priest for the first time, or being amalgamated into new local arrangements. During this period of transition, they often require encouragement and support. With wide experience of different denominational cultures, we are able to design and deliver bespoke solutions to such perennial difficulties. Recent work includes ‘Community Survey for Mission’ – a vision-transition process designed for the Presbytery of Annandale and Eskdale in Scotland.